Tasman Performance is built on three key fundamentals:
Athletic Performance, Learning and Attitude.

Our mission is to bring you the best training experience possible. It all starts with the attitude:

  • We are tough, but we have fun

  • We are professional, but have a sense of humor

  • Above all else, we care about you and appreciate every time you walk through our door.

Tasman Performance will deliver the results you want in a professional, dynamic setting.

With a team of world class trainers, quality equipment, and a client base that ranges from individuals with personal fitness and health goals to some of New Zealand’s best professional athletes, the Tasman Performance training environment is like no other.

With a focused dedication to helping each Tasman Performance client achieve their goals we apply proven methods of weight-training, conditioning and nutrition to help you improve your strength, performance and health.

Our facility was designed to the highest standard - and isn’t like the typical gym you might be used to. Featuring innovative training methods and high quality equipment, Tasman Performance has one purpose - to give you the knowledge, tools and motivation to achieve your fitness and health goals.

Strength is not only our passion, but also our area of expertise. Strength training creates both strong bodies and strong minds. We believe that strong people are happier and healthier, not only capable of winning medals, but also rising to life's challenges with confidence and enthusiasm. We are inspired by people who keep growing, regardless of age or level of experience, those people who have a curious and open mind, the courage to fail, and the wisdom to learn.