Our Coaches

Tasman Performance offers the highest possible level of qualified, rigorously tested personal training and strength and conditioning programs. Each one of our coaches is distinguished by their ability to practice what they preach. They talk the talk and walk the walk, training themselves and living the healthy lifestyle we advocate for our clients.

We are totally committed to the science of body composition, strength and conditioning. We have assembled a team that covers all exercise and nutritional backgrounds, so we can meet our clients’ needs with unparalleled excellence.


Founder / Director / Strength Coach

Jason has always had a strong desire for competition and a drive to do what it takes to improve performance in all types of fields. From competitive snowboarding, surfing, olympic weightlifting and predominantly weight training, he has always enjoyed developing his skill set and improving his personal performance with any challenge he faces.



Founder / Director / Strength Coach

I enhance sports performance and health at the elite level

I specialize in strength and power, nutrition and supplementation, structural balance, relative strength, sports specific power, body composition, conditioning and injury prehab/rehab.

‘I give people the 5% they currently aren’t getting’



Sports & Exercise Nutritionist

Lauri is a passionate advocate of whole foods eating and nutritional education and focuses on addressing her clients’ metabolic individuality as a key factor in nutrition protocols and her coaching methods.

With an aim to provide accurate, evidence based nutrition information in a manner that is simple to understand and easy to implement she is currently a Nutritionist for the Crusaders & Tasman Makos Rugby Academy.



Strength Coach

Matt has been a trainer for over 10 years, including coaching young athletes building strength, mobility and techniques to assist with their training demands.

His past and present sporting background has given him the strategies and knowledge to improve anyone looking to gain better movement, feel better overall and gain strength to help them through whatever goals and direction their lifestyles require.



Strength Coach

Harriett specializes in resistance training for females & is dedicated to helping others improve their quality of life.

My mission: Supporting your pursuit in self development to achieve optimal health. Strength, Mobility, Pain free movement, Confidence & a well functioning body - give yourself this.

Poliquin PICP qualification levels 1&2. I will continue to educate myself so i can give more.


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Strength Coach

Fletcher believes from personal and coaching experience paired with academic knowledge he can help individuals become the best version of themselves.

With years of personal sporting and resistance training experience Fletcher’s passion for the industry has led to coaching individuals in these areas and he holds a high standard of industry skills including strength, power, muscular hypertrophy, conditioning, rehabilitation and body composition.



Strength Coach

Kelsey believes in using strength and conditioning to help others pursue the peak expression of themselves both in and outside the gym. 

His previous experiences have given him the knowledge and skill set to help others who are looking to increase their level of strength, power, hypertrophy, body composition and quality of life while preparing them for whatever life has in store.