Tasman Performance is a semi-private facility with a limited number of clients that we work closely with to help achieve their goals. We cap our client/membership numbers to ensure the gym is never too busy and so that everyone we work with gets the level of support they need

Commit to training with us, and you commit to yourself like never before. At every step, you’ll be driven by passionate coaches backed by the latest science. Our program. Your Performance..


At Tasman Performance, we deliver a semi-private coaching method. What this means is that members receive individualised coaching in a team environment.

We ensure a maximum of 10 Tasman Performance members on the floor at the same time with at least one coach.

Train with with your friends or others who are working toward their goals. Small groups run through periodised weight training programs designed for maximising body composition, strength, and health. You get the benefits of informal assessments from our coaches and feel the energy of small group training.


Train 1-on-1 with our coaches and receive personalised, results-direct training. We’ll assess you regularly for strength, body-composition, lifestyle and diet to properly track your progress and achievements.

We’ll support you through programs that will get you where you want to be.

You’ll learn correct form, nutrition protocols and training programs that will give you the confidence to train by yourself too.


Please contact us directly to discuss options

  • Sport Specific Group

  • Corporate Group

  • 3:1 Group

  • School/Student Group (18 and under)


Providing our members with Metabolic Analytics which was previously known as BioPrint or Biosignature, designed by world-renowned strength and conditioning coach Charles Poliquin and refined with nearly 40 years of practice.

Metabolic Analytics analyses body fat distribution using skin fold testing over 14 different sites on the body. The results are then analysed with a software program that will determine your body fat percentage, weight in both muscle mass and fat mass and also your hormonal profile.

Then, through a targeted combination of diet, exercise, supplements and lifestyle enhancements, we not only set you on the path to achieve body composition goals but rebalance your hormones, meaning that you will find it easier to achieve and maintain your new weight, an improved body shape and optimum physical health.

What areas can Metabolic Analytics address and help to improve:

  • Body fat reduction

  • Improved sleep

  • Improved insulin function

  • Improved blood sugar management

  • Increased lean muscle tissue

  • Better energy levels

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Improved digestion and gut function